The Unique Decks card game is here

Hybrid Deck-building

You can’t look up the best strategies; you must discover them for yourself! Each deck is generated with an algorithm that ensures fun and balance, but the true hero is your ability to find powerful synergies!

Play and own

Compete in ranked matches to boost your decks’ Incandescence and unlock fabulous cosmetics and XP boosts. Trade your deck NFTs freely – the power is yours!

Each match is Unique

Every deck is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. You won’t face the same deck twice! Only by mastering your adaptation skills will you be able to rise as the top Seeker!

play wherever you are

you're a seeker

Plan. Adapt. Overcome.

Step into a new era of competition where every match is unique! Join our Discord community to stay updated on Dawnshard, and don’t miss out on giveaways and airdrops!

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